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Absolute in agreement with the BW approach to the built environment. The traditional approach ... Brett Ross on Bryden Wood to plant Design for Manufacture roots in Singapore

As far as skills are concerned the UK is hardly touching the surface of ... Nick Leslie-Miller on Vox pop: Is EU membership good for construction?

Having worked in the Falklands just after the war in 1985/6 I can sympathise ... Graham Skeer on Island life: construction in a far flung outpost

It's not my idea of living safely! A pure timber building must suffer from ... Mark on Has timber hit new heights in Hackney?

These so called health and safety cards are holding people back, including myself. I ... paul brown on CSCS cards shake-up: full details of new NVQ and 'academic' card

'While our video falls short of answering the ultimate questions about life, the universe ... NJ on Now on video: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the CIOB

As Programme Manager, I need to better understand the role of Design Manager, to ... Ricardo Santos on Handbook focuses on design managers' role

This is a good news feature. But what about the sub-contractors who themselves engage ... Malcolm Kennard on Know your rights if what you're owed is not forthcoming

I have just recently completed a HND in Construction, part of the course was ... Daniel Marsden on H&S: does our house of cards still stack up?

The most important issue is not what they are saying, but will the Conservatives ... Stephen Gebbie on What's in the Tory manifesto - and what does it mean for the industry?

This is indeed very good news for the construction sector and also for the ... Balbir Bhamra on What's in the Tory manifesto - and what does it mean for the industry?

Britain had a good employer based apprenticeship system up to the early 1960's, although ... John Shaw on Double advantage: how Germany trains its apprentices

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