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I cannot agree more with the practicality of facilitating floor plan layout alterations ,building ... Jose' Scalabrino MCIOB on Should we be designing for deconstruction?

We have to change! i.e. harness all sources of methane gas and bio-gas as ... Jose' Scalabrino MCIOB on The accusation could be levelled we've been complacent on carbon

Concrete Arteries is an excellent example of pure construction and engineering ingenuity Eddie Stanley on Cast your votes for the CIOB Art of Building prize 2014

'The fear is that BIS has set up a system that requires considerable input ... Neville Webb on Are Trailblazers struggling to reform training?

Data quality is often used as a reason for not publishing data. However, sometimes ... Ross Carter on Richer open data would help planning and design

This concept of trailblazers will be a total failure Also it will be out ... roger ward on Are Trailblazers struggling to reform training?

The advantage of the trailblazer apprenticeships when approved is that they are directly owned ... Chris Blythe on Are Trailblazers struggling to reform training?

I have to agree with the comments above its a disgrace how we were ... Ryan on Bricklayers' pay up 20% as price hikes threaten recovery

The situation has been going on since at least my time in Qatar (2005/6), ... Michael Hawkyard on International firms work behind 'corporate veil' in Qatar

There is no mention made of anchors or will it just be allowed to ... Jose' Scalabrino on Next up in Japan's bid for energy security? Massive floating wind farms

Chris Chapman says: "They (the Principal Designer) also have a duty to ... make ... Peter Brookes on Six-month ‘grace period’ for CDM 2015 revealed

We here at GROT HQ, who wrote the original CDM 94 Regs, didn't get ... R. Perrin on Six-month ‘grace period’ for CDM 2015 revealed

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